Contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE’s latest project, 42+PEOPLE, celebrates the intergenerational dialogue between dancers. It offers a unique yet intimate glimpse at the pinnacle of the dance career of 42+year-old performers. The latest premiere of the 42+PEOPLE project, combining all aspects of contemporary dance, will take place on November 19 th , 2022, at Studio Maiselovka with the choreography “WHERE” by Václav Kuneš.

On November 19 th , 2022, the premiere of “WHERE” at Studio Maiselovka will feature a pair of Czech dancers aged 42+. The pilot performance will feature Helena Arenbergerová and Václav Kuneš.


Choreography: Václav Kuneš
Dramaturgy: Lucie Němečková
Performers: Václav Kuneš and Helena Arenbergerová
Music supervision: Pierre Urban
Music compilation: Exhausted Modern and other performers
Set design: Lucia Škandíková
Lighting design: Jan Mlčoch
Costumes: Olo Křížová
Duration: 40 min
Premiere: November 19 th , 2022, 7:30 p.m.
Returns: April 21 th , 22 st , 23 th , 7:30 p.m.
Venue: Studio Maiselovka, Maiselova 25/4, Prague 1


9. 11. 2023 / Studio Maiselovka
10. 11. 2023 / Studio Maiselovka
11. 11. 2023 / Studio Maiselovka




“Our choreography doesn’t convey a joint story but unfolds our intimacy in a purely personal dance performance. There are no clichés. There are no unnecessary annotations. Nevertheless, it conjures up a well-known Renaissance imagery full of elusive tension between stable yet fractured lives, tension present in the proximity of two strangers... that becomes more tangible through contemporary dance,” says Václav Kuneš, choreographer, dancer and artistic director of 420PEOPLE company.


The project 42+PEOPLE also encompasses a forthcoming dance movie directed by Jaroslav Brabec and Václav Kuneš. The project is supported by the Prague City Hall, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Municipal District of Prague 1, ČEZ Foundation, and State Fund of Culture of the Czech Republic; the project is produced in cooperation with Studio MAISELOVKA.


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